50+ Best Hugo Themes To Use In 2024 [Handpicked Collection]

By Mehedi Sharif|Update: 20 May, 2024|20 Mins read
50+ Best Hugo Themes To Use In 2024 [Handpicked Collection]

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Explore our handpicked selection of the best Hugo themes, featuring cutting-edge designs that elevate your brand's visual identity. Enjoy lightning-fast performance that boosts user engagement and conversion, alongside innovative features that simplify website management and customization. Responsive layouts adapt seamlessly to various devices and screen sizes, while expertly crafted code ensures stability, security, and scalability. Whether you're building a personal blog or a complex enterprise website, our themes have got you covered.

Discover the perfect theme to take your website to the next level.

Best Hugo Blog Themes

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Logbook - Hugo Blog Theme

logbook hugo theme

LogBook is the theme to choose if you want to create a unique and creative blog site. This theme comes with the majority of the blog components you'll need to build a fantastic blog site. This implies that your website's visitors will like reading the articles once again.

This theme demonstrates its flexibility with 15 different pages and 9 alternative Home page layouts. Due to the SnipCart integration, you can now build a store page with full eCommerce functionality on your site. Furthermore, you may create advertising and promote your products or content using the theme's dedicated ad section.

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Parsa - Hugo Personal Blog Theme

parsa hugo theme

Parsa is a Hugo theme ideal for creating a personal blog website. It's a clean, contemporary, and minimalist website template for individuals who wish to share beautiful tales of any type. The main focus behind this template was to improve the readability of a site.

Parsa offers two variations of home page layouts as well as an about us page and contact us page. Mandatory search functionality is also available with advanced search capabilities. Moreover, it's fully optimized for different display sizes and also SEO optimized to get a better search ranking. You can easily utilize this well-structured theme to build your next personal blog or portfolio website.

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Reader - Hugo Multipurpose Blog Theme

reader hugo theme

The Reader is an ideal blog theme for those who are seeking a sleek multi-author blog template.  It's suitable for any site, but the color scheme and whimsical style make it ideal for culinary and fashion blogs.

This theme allows writers with minimal coding knowledge to create a professional blogging experience. It includes 9 various home page layouts, contact form integration, category, tag summary pages, and a strong search engine.

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Gojournal-Hugo Magazine Theme

gojournal hugo theme

Gojournal is a premium blog theme with a clean, minimalist aesthetic. This is the right solution for you if you're looking for a suitable theme for your blogging endeavors. The homepage has a highlighted article slider and a configurable layout for displaying any content or information.

You may choose your desired category, such as culinary, travel, or lifestyle while building your blogging site. Furthermore, the theme includes all standard blogging elements, including comments, contact forms, and newsletter subscriptions.

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timeframe hugo theme

The TImeframe theme is well suited to create any type of blog site. It features a fully responsive design that fits in perfectly on different devices. Apart from posting usual content, it's also a decent pick for designers and artists who deal primarily with visual content such as videos.

The theme offers you four distinctive home page layouts, portfolio section, about us section, contact form, and Instagram integration. Moreover, the portfolio templates provided in this theme will allow you to flexibly create the website of your dreams with ease.

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Editor - Clean Hugo Blog Theme

editor hugo theme

Want to start blogging through your personal blog site? Engage your visitors with style using the Editor theme. This modern, responsive blog theme is perfect for anyone who wants to feature a personal blog site.

The editor offers you 9 web pages to establish an ideal blogging site. The overall design pattern of this theme is simple, and the color combination gives you a soft touch. Furthermore, the menu placement, visual attractiveness, and blog elements are outstanding.

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Moonbooth - Hugo SEO Theme

moonbooth hugo theme

MoonBooth Hugo theme is intended to boost the SEO of your site. Simply put this SEO theme as your Hugo website and get all your content pre-optimized for  Google search engine output.

Apply this theme to your Hugo site and quickly create SEO headlines that target numerous search terms simultaneously. Consequently, you’ll witness a significant increase in search engine traffic to your website. You can simply restrict pages to prevent Google from indexing them. Additionally, CSS style may be altered without requiring an extra style sheet, minimizing the HTTP request.

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The Article

the article hugo theme

Utilize The Article's clean appearance and straightforward blog functionality to set your blog out from the crowd in terms of contemporary elegance. This theme aims to cut off the clutter and focus on creative blogging of any kind.

An Article is a great option if you need to create a personal, lifestyle, photography, tech blog, and more. It offers six pages, a category in the menubar, and a lucrative About Me section. Moreover, the blog content page is feature-rich with lots of elements ideal for blogging. Get The Article to share your creative blog with ease.

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Bookworm - Minimal Hugo Blog Theme

bookworm hugo theme

The Bookworm is a basic yet contemporary Hugo blog theme that can be used to portray any kind of blogging website. It's an ideal design for representing any blog genre, such as lifestyle, photography, travel, health & fitness, and so on.

Search engines are likely to favor this theme because of its lightning-fast speed and SEO-friendly layout. You will get 10 different web pages and 2 distinctive Homepage layouts. When it comes to the blog page, it provides every essential elements such as search functionality, featured image slider, categories, tags, etc.

More Info Demo

Touchy - Simple Hugo Blog theme

touchy hugo theme

Touchy is for you if you simply want to blog with a basic and minimal view and features. This basic theme was created using excellent SEO methods, resulting in a quick loading speed and being easily identified in search engines in the shortest amount of time.

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revolve hugo theme

Revolve is a Hugo theme that aims to craft personal blog sites oriented toward photographers and media professionals. It's an ideal template for any creative firm with a sleek style and basic design structure.

The theme emphasizes the content by displaying large images and lucrative typography. Your site visitors will be able to appreciate your work without being distracted by anything superfluous.

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Liva - Hugo Theme for Personal Blog

liva hugo theme

Liva is your best choice if you want a fully customizable, simple blog theme with cutting-edge features. This theme may be used to create various websites, including personal, travel, news, magazine, photography, food, technology, and more.

To grab more visitors' attention, this template was crafted with SEO in mind. It's thoroughly streamlined, and the clean coding pattern will aid in the optimization of your website via search engines. It has a built-in search box that helps your visitors swiftly discover the blog article that they are looking for

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Galaxy - Dark Hugo Blog Theme

galaxy hugo theme

Galaxy is a one-of-a-kind dark Hugo weblog theme with a lot of features. This theme is highly configurable and has a huge featured image that is ideal for any photoblog or trip diary. With this stylish theme, you can easily express your opinions to your followers and readers.

The Homepage structure is excellent, and it provides menu choices on the left side. The timestamp and post category of featured posts are shown on the main page. Aside from that, the author bio, subscription form or newsletter, and highlighted post representation are all fantastic.

More Info Demo


persian hugo theme

Persian is a Hugo-powered personal blog template with a minimalistic design. This responsive theme fits flawlessly on any device and any display size. Since it is powered by Hugo, the site comes with a blazing fast loading time.

Due to Forestry and Netlify integration, you can craft a site with this theme within a few minutes and manage the backend conveniently. This theme features five excellently designed web pages, including Home, About, Category, Contact, and Privacy Policy. Though it's a static site, the search functionality is highly efficient and logical.

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nebula hugo theme

Do you want a one-of-a-kind personal portfolio theme? Consider Nebula, a Hugo-powered design with huge image-based list pages and cover pictures. This theme is well-optimized to reflect your work and ideas.

Your site visitors can pick between dark and light theme design; however, simplicity is an important aspect of this theme. The site is exclusively dedicated to displaying large-sized images of your portfolio contents. You can distinguish different blog categories with variable colors. Besides, Mailchimp & Formspree.io are integrated for form implementation, and Netlify & Forestry is integrated for content management.

More Info Demo


novela hugo theme

The Novela theme makes it easy to get started publishing with Hugo and Forestry. It is a blogging theme that offers a very simple outlook & features. With a single click, you can interchange the layout of this theme from the grid to the column.

One of the shortcodes available on this theme allows you to use a newsletter callout form on any page. The theme utilizes formspree.io as a proxy to send emails. Moreover, there is a dark mode and light mode available in this theme.

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Best Hugo Portfolio Themes

Visit Here To See All Hugo Portfolio themes.

Academia - Hugo Resume Theme

academia hugo theme

The Academia Hugo theme is perfect for creating a site that showcases academic resumes. It is an excellent theme for creating a personal portfolio website. This Hugo theme can be easily deployed to market your profile along with your work experience. The theme is amazingly responsive in different device and display sizes.

The theme works flawlessly in all major browsers, including Google, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. Moreover, it's a one-page website template that allows you to showcase your work, accomplishments, abilities, and publications in several categories.

More Info Demo

NorthendLab - Hugo Portfolio & Personal Blog theme

northendlab hugo theme

NorthendLab is a simple Jekyll blog theme that comes for free. It's a great theme for writers who are willing to create simple, one-of-a-kind personal blogs. Simply said, this style will make reading your blogs and articles more enjoyable for your audience.

The theme has a search bar that makes it simple to find your preferred blog posts. Because the template allows for numerous authors, you may submit a variety of material generated by varying authors. The tool section may also be used to showcase various tools, depending on your choices. In fact, you may utilize the Tool section to display your digital portfolio.

More Info Demo

GoFolium - Hugo Portfolio Theme For Professors & Researchers

gofolium hugo theme

Gofolium is a fast-loading Hugo theme that perfectly fits every device due to its responsiveness. It's intended to create a website for professors, scientists, and researchers who use a portfolio site.

You can highlight your professional accomplishments with this well-coded theme which includes a rapid introduction, CV representation, research, and publication triumphs as well as the projects that you've delivered

More Info Demo

Kross - Hugo Portfolio Theme For Designers

kross hugo theme

A beautiful portfolio site is really impactful for any professional. Kross is a well-decorated Hugo Theme to create a beautiful Portfolio site. This premium theme will help you make your Portfolio more engaging. The theme has areas for presenting your talents, experience, education, and credentials. Therefore, this theme makes it simple to design your online portfolio or resume.

This premium theme will assist you in creating your portfolio, resume, and CV online and showcasing your abilities. This template includes a well-designed landing page, portfolio page, blog page, blog single page, contact page, and about us page, all of which contribute to the creation of a powerful online presence.

More Info Demo


phantom hugo theme

Phantom is a Hugo template for creating a portfolio site. It's ideal for those who want ta simple and sleek appearance. You will enjoy developing a personal portfolio site dedicated to designers, developers, photographers, freelancers, and so on. Also, it's a perfect theme to promote your works and create a resume website.

The template is incredibly adjustable, allowing you to modify any aspect of it without ease. Alternately if you require any assistance, the gethugothemes staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any theme-related issues.

More Info Demo


thomson hugo theme

Thomson is an ideal theme to create your personal portfolio website. It offers a simple and sleek appearance which includes 6 amazing web pages. It is indeed an ideal option for designers, developers, freelancers, and photographers.

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Agen - Hugo Portfolio Theme For Creative Agency

agen hugo theme

Agen is a creative agency Hugo theme with eye-catchy design that is ideal to create agency portfolio website in Hugo's ecosystem. It's a high-end platform for showing and advertising your goods or service to potential customers.

If you're working with a digital product, Agen is the way to go. It includes all of the pages you'll need to start building your agency's website. So, we recommend you download it and experience the Hugo theme's speed. In addition, the speed of your website will have a good influence on your search engine rating.

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raditian hugo theme

Raditian is a portfolio Hugo theme that offers a simple yet elegant outlook. You can showcase large images in different theme sections while representing your portfolio. Besides a lucrative hero image, the theme includes an Intro section, an educational experience, a Work portfolio, and a testimonial section. Also, there is a contact form and newsletter subscription form available in this theme.

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Best Hugo Documentation Themes


godocs hugo theme

For the documentation of your product, you don’t just need helpful content that’s useful for your users. You also need a user-friendly interface on your site so that it looks cool and visitors find it interesting to read your docs. GoDocs solved the problem by providing you with a ready-made template for your product documentation.

This theme supports multiple languages, which makes it simple to transform languages when necessary. It also provides you with reusable shortcodes that improve the readability of your content. Your site visitors will be able to search their preferred content with ease. Thanks to the added search functionality. You can choose between four different styles of this theme or the one that connects you.

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dot hugo theme

Dot is a highly responsive and high-performing Hugo documentation theme. It is designed with readability and efficiency in mind. Its helpful feature will greatly assist you in making your website more dynamic and user-friendly.

Many software service providers are migrating to the Hugo ecosystem for their documentation pages. Because of its quickness and lack of reliance on other eco-systems.

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Best Hugo Landing Page Themes


agico hugo theme

Agico is a responsive, Bootstrap-based, SEO friendly, mobile-ready Hugo theme designed especially for Agico is a responsive, SEO friendly, and mobile-optimized Hugo theme crafted especially for landing page website creation. However, you may also use this theme for other sources of static sites. With behavioral economics in mind. As a result, you'll see increased visitor engagement and leads.

The primary features of this theme include multilingual support, Google Maps, smart search with recommendations as well as developer-friendly documentation. Both Netlify and Forestry are integrated in this theme. One of the most intriguing qualities of this template is that it loads quickly and smoothly. Simply click the preview button below to implement this theme

More Info Demo

Small App

small app hugo theme

Small App is a sophisticated Hugo theme for the app landing page which is completely responsive. his theme is adaptable to any professional or unconventional presentation. You can use this theme to display and advertise your startup mobile app. SaaS applications. software, and other digital items in a more effective manner. IT's built with Bootstrap and powered by Hugo so it loads really quick.

This beautiful theme has both a free This lovely theme is available in both a free and paid edition. If you want to purchase it, you will have access to several essential services such as premium customer care, frequent updates, and the elimination of the footer credit, among others.

More Info Demo


copper hugo theme

Copper is a one-of-a-kind SaaS landing page Hugo theme with a unique mix of text, images, and white space. The eye-catching layouts and incredible animations make the perfect presentation surface for your online application.

Moreover, it includes content, images, and testimonials to present a product effectively in front of potential clients. The advanced theme options enable users to tweak your site without touching any code.

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dtox hugo theme

Dtox is a one-of-a-kind and innovative Hugo theme crafted for business websites suited to SaaS companies. It's a multi-purpose theme that includes all of the pages you'll need to build a fully functional company websites.

The design and structure of this theme ensures better user experience for your visitors. The theme supports any device or browser and also any screen size of any device.

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saasis hugo theme

The Saasis comes with more than ten different web pages to display your SaaS website using trending design ideas.IT allows you to manage your software, mobile app, and digital products in a smart way.

The "Features" portion of the site enables you to highlight the marketing stats. You may also include the companies with whom you collaborate and showcase your service bundles.

More Info Demo

Vixcon - Hugo Event  Theme

vixcon hugo theme

Vixcon Hugo theme is perfect for representing Events, meetups, conferences, seminars, and many more purposes. With the help of Bootstrap, a completely responsive layout was crafted.

Its simple style is sure to please your visitors. This theme has all of the elements that an event or conference website needs. It's SEO-friendly, so you'll have no trouble ranking for your event.

More Info Demo

Eventre - Hugo Conference Theme

eventre hugo theme

Eventre is a Hugo theme for conferences that provides a clean, professional-looking countdown timer that displays the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds before the event or conference begins. This theme also allows you to show speaker profiles, which provide basic information about each speaker as well as their areas of specialization. It also includes a timetable for all of the activities.

More Info Demo

Infinity - Hugo Comming Soon Theme

infinity hugo theme

Infinity is a one page site that coems with a fun animated countdown timer, a contact form, Featured section etc. There will be a par where you can inform more about the event, project or website that you are trying to build

Through configuration, all the contents, and elements can be configured. Therefore, it will take few minutes to complete a landing page. Besides, Forestry and Mailchip support is available fro subscription and from integration. Over time the project publicizing has become easier.

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Best Hugo Business & Agency Themes

Visit Here to see all Hugo Business Themes


andromeda hugo theme

Andromeda is a flexible SaaS theme that can be used to stimulate any SaaS service or product. With this amazing theme, you can create a website for any marketing firm, business, or agency that wants to incorporate a Blog.

Andromeda includes 16 premium pages to create a perfect SaaS-based website. It shows an amazing 98 score on Google PageSpeed Insight. Moreover, this SEO-ready theme offers multilingual features and is pre-configured for Netflix and Forestry CMS.

More Info Demo


spydea hugo theme

Spydea is a beautiful Hugo theme that works great for many types of businesses, like SaaS, startups, and agencies. It comes with more than 17 ready-to-use pages, giving you everything you need to create a beautiful and professional website that stands out from the competition.

More Info Demo


interface hugo theme

Interface is an ideal Hugo theme for displaying SaaS products. It's user-friendly and customizable, offering a range of features to help you craft an impressive and polished SaaS website.

More Info Demo


delta hugo theme

Delta is a feature-rich SaaS theme by Hugo that comes with a stunning look. This theme is great for showcasing SaaS enterprise startups, mobile applications, digital products & services, and other identical businesses.

This theme represents an amazing page, and in the case of speed, it's massive. You can spread your product info internationally due to language support. You can simply interchange between dark and light mode. Moreover, it is integrated with CMS.

More Info Demo


bigsring hugo theme

Bigspring is an agency theme that works well for professional agencies, startups, and SaaS landing pages, among other things. It's a very profitable, responsive, and ready-to-use theme with 19 unique pages.

The layouts and materials are excellent, and the concept is basic but appealing. You may integrate intricate features and many places on your website with this fantastic theme. This theme will provide you with unique and well-organized web pages.

More Info Demo


meghna hugo theme

Meghna is a darkish single-page commercial Hugo theme with all of the components and functionality you'll need to display your brand. Meghna's key elements include a video integrating option on the homepage, sections for information about your firm, your portfolio, your offerings, talents, and current works, as well as displaying your team, client evaluations of your work, and costing of your offerings.

The fully equipped weblog area gives you all the tools you need to keep your fans and prospective new clients up to speed on your work and events, and business news.  It's mostly intended for SEO or digital marketing companies and commercial or corporate websites.

More Info Demo


enov hugo theme

Enov is a one-of-a-kind, versatile, and multi-purpose Hugo theme with a fantastic user interface. With its basic but profitable appearance, this theme is great for creating any company or agency website.

Soft animation can be seen in many places of this theme'. It's perfect for showcasing your company's services, portfolio, testimonials, price list, and video popups. Enov also has a fully functional blog, powerful search capabilities, and Form spree-based forms. Overall, it's a great theme for communicating your company's message to prospective and current customers.

More Info Demo


wallet hugo theme

Wallet Hugo theme offers a unique design that works well for any corporate, business, or financial service website. It offers a lucrative design, including a lovely color scheme that is excellent for effectively developing your online presence.

This financial service theme is fully responsive and includes all vital elements to present any service, blog, testimonials, and more. Also, it includes 12 unique pages with flawless design, Google fonts, well-organized code, and plenty of customization options.

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orbitor hugo theme

Orbitor is a Hugo theme that is designed especially for software and tech companies as well as startups. Due to complete responsiveness, this theme fits in any device & screen size. It's a fantastic template that you can apply to showcase your product or service.

The fast loading speed will undoubtedly help you in ranking high in search engines. Since the theme offers a superior user experience, your site visitors will enjoy exploring your site.

More Info Demo


biztrox hugo theme

Biztrox is a business theme that you can implement to create your business or corporate website, as its name suggests. But the theme is mostly intended for service-based websites. So, this theme will be your time savior if you are a developer working as a service provider on a website. Some minor tweaks will make this theme fully functional for your need.

Biztrox offers 14 distinctive web pages along with three homepage layout variations. Besides, there are many mentionable features such as alluring design, excellent performance, smooth slider, stylish button, and so on. You will also get complete documentation that will minimize your build effort significantly.

More Info Demo


gosaas hugo theme

This aesthetically beautiful theme has counters that display the number of tasks done, users, and other information. Moreover, it allows you to present the services, as well as their descriptions, in an appealing way.  In a nutshell, it has almost all of the attributes of a decent business theme.

More Info Demo


revolve hugo theme

Revolve is a Hugo theme designed with photographers and media artists in mind. It's an ideal option for any creative agency that prefers simple design with minimal complexity. It emphasizes the combination of large images and texts to display your content uniquely. Your visitors will be able to focus on your content without being distracted.

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timer hugo theme

Timer is a Bootstrap-based multipurpose Hugo Theme. It is an ideal template for creating a website for creative agencies and freelancers who are willing to showcase their portfolio, service, or product while also selling it to new prospects. It is a fully responsive and well-structured theme that includes two different blog page layouts perfect for sharing your content.

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airspace hugo theme

Airspace is a simple Hugo theme with pages, projects, and a blog area to help you showcase your agency or small business. It has a modern, stylish design that loads quickly and is compatible with all major browsers. It has Forestry.io and Netlify integration, enabling you to swiftly launch your site.

This incredible Hugo-powered website template loads as fast as a lightning bolt. There is a free version of this theme available, so you won't have to worry about your budget.

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redlab hugo theme

RedLab theme is ideal if you want to show off your online portfolio with samples of your work. RedLab includes a variety of pages for your project, such as a portfolio, contact page, blog, blog single, contact page, and so on.

You can simply buy it and then personalize it to your specifications. The team at gethugothemes is ready to assist you on implementing  this theme in the best possible way.

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icelab hugo theme

Icelab is a premium Hugo theme designed to represent the visual portfolio of any agency or artist. It's one of the most distinctive animated themes that comes with smooth transitions and parallax effects that looks awesome.

Icelab's beautifully designed typography sets your portfolio to stand out from the crowd. Large images draw attention to the visual elements of your content. The content section of this theme is completed with a special custom post type. It's as simple as creating a post and setting up certain criteria via frontmatter to show off your content that includes images, texts, or videos.

The aesthetic of the theme is carried over to the integrated Google map on your contact page, giving your site a consistent look and feel. Moreover, Google and other search engines, as well as your users, will appreciate fast page loads and consistent delivery of your content.

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bexer hugo theme

Seeking a dynamic and lucrative Hugo Business website template? Well, Bexer is your answer since it offers an eye-catching and stylish outlook that will undoubtedly take your visitors' attention away from distractions and lure it to your site.

This Hugo-powered basic theme layout is so adaptable that it can fit on every device type. Because of its high-quality code structure, any developer may easily change it to meet their needs. Furthermore, Bexer is SEO friendly and has a speedy loading function, so you won't have to worry about search engine rankings.

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restaurant hugo theme

Restaurant is a minimal and clean Hugo theme for restaurant and cafe business website. This is the best Hugo Themes in this niche. It is Perfect for RESTAURANT, Bakery, Cafe, Bar, Catering, food businesses, and chef personal portfolio websites. The restaurant is very responsive, so you have to never worry about your user Device. It supports all major browsers and devices. To make it responsive, the theme creator used Bootstrap as the framework. Its coding structure is also an international standard. It is a Hugo theme, so if you use it in your project, your site will surely be faster and secure.

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navigator hugo theme

Google's Material design is now a new trend. Web designers are now more and more using material design. Navigator is a Material design Hugo Theme for Business and corporate websites. It looks perfect in all major device screen sizes. To grab the search engine and user attention, loading speed is a key factor. As it's power by Hugo so don’t think about your site loading time. Your site will be blazing fast. Navigator Hugo is also very SEO friendly.

More Info Demo

Educenter - Hugo Education Website Theme

educenter hugo theme

Educenter is a modern and contemporary Hugo theme designed specifically for educational institutions of all kinds. This amazing theme includes every attribute required to build a site for displaying courses, faculty members, events, and more. Users can easily browse throw your educational materials.

Educenter grantees that your educational institute and all the members are getting access to the site with comfort.  Admins and other users are always updated with the latest news and programs. You can easily integrate the site with a registered course management system. With a multitude of essential features, the theme provides you with an exceptional user experience.

More Info Demo

WishFund - Hugo NGO Website Theme

wishfund hugo theme

WIth the increasing number of charitable organizations and foundations, the necessity of a charity website has become mandatory. You may exhibit your charity website and promote your charity organization to enhance audience loyalty and trust in the fund with the WishFund theme.

The theme includes 10 different pages ideal for Fundraising, Charity, Nonprofit, NGO, Foundation, Church and other  charity organization website. Generally, users can obtain financial records, organizational staff, read stories of circumstances, learn more about the organization and its operation from the site. Therefore, the effectiveness of this theme is based on clear representation of the cause and getting quick access in donation or volunteer  page.

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Twenty Twenty Hugo

twenty twenty hugo theme
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Best Hugo E-Commerce Themes


vex hugo theme

Vex is a single Product landing Page E-commerce Hugo theme. If you want to launch an eCommerce site using Hugo as font-end then it could be your choice. You can use this theme as your micro niche blog site-building theme also.

More Info Demo


adrian hugo theme

Adrian is a fantastic Hugo eCommerce theme that lets you showcase your best online shop items in a carousel on top of the web page. You can display the rest of your eCommerce products with images just below that.

Comes with a nice-looking hugo theme with search bar and other essential eCommerce theme elements. This Hugo theme has a modern look and feel.

And above all, it comes with a fully functional shopping cart so you can easily create your online store.

More Info Demo


hargo hugo theme

Hargo is the first-ever eCommerce theme in the Hugo environment. It is perfect for those who want to singe a product selling eCommerce website. It has all the necessary pages you need to build a fully functional eCommerce website in Hugo. Its design is so clean and minimal, only focuses on product presentation and conversion. Hope it will be liked by Hugo lover.

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influener hugo theme
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planty hugo theme
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