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Small Apps

Small App is a Hugo premium landing-page theme to present your mobile app. Built to let you easily showcase your product and services it is ideal for all mobile app developers and everyone in tech in general.

It's overall design is clean and creative and animations and transitions give a modern feeling to your site. This theme is responsive to make it fit all devices and major browsers.

  • Features

    Small App is full of powerful features to help showcase your work:

  • Bootstrap Based

    Bootstrap is a consistent framework that supports the majority of all browsers and CSS compatibility fixes. It's lightweight and customizable with responsive structures and styles.

  • Built with SEO in mind

    All our themes are out-of-the-box SEO friendly. You take care of the content and Small App prepares it for Google and all other search engines.

  • Netlify Pre-Configured

    This theme is prepared to be used on Netlify. Import your repo on Netlify with this theme and start a new deploy of your website.

  • Forestry

    Preconfigured with complete setup to use this theme on your CMS.

  • Google Maps Integration

    Quick configurable Google Map for your contacts page.

  • Reusable Shortcodes

    Shortcodes like FAQ, tabs, notices, etc to make your writing more readable and structured.

  • Tweaks and Modifications

    Are you getting stuck trying to make individual customizations, adding that special personal touch, or a feature that is not yet included? You can hire us to complete small custom tasks on this theme.

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