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Andromeda is a multipurpose SaaS theme designed to showcase any SaaS product or solution. It is an ideal theme for crafting a website for any Marketing Company, Business, Agency that includes blog support.


  • Scores 96 On Google PageSpeed

    According to Google PageSpeed insight, Andromeda scores 96, which is fantastic. Besides unnecessary CSS files, JavaScript, multi-page redirects, and lazy load images are removed.

  • Netlify-Ready

    You can easily deploy this theme in the Netlify environment because it is pre-configured for Netlify.

  • Forestry-Ready(CMS)

    Because of the pre-configured Forestry integration, you can easily work with Forestry CMS by just importing your repository.

  • SEO-Ready

    We've included structured data, Open Graph, Twitter Cards, etc, to get more traffic from search engines and social media. Moreover, you can customize the SEO settings according to your preference.

  • Reusable Shortcodes

    Some amazing shortcodes are added to this theme that will enhance the functionalities of its posts and contents.

  • Video-Showcase

    You can include a video section on any page of your website to represent a product or service-related information to the visitors.

  • Multilingual (i18n support)

    This theme includes a default language translation option (En, Fr) to facilitate international visitors. But you can enable more languages for translation.

  • Disqus Comments

    Since Disqus comment is integrated, you can collect visitors' comments on your posts. You can quickly enable the comment option by collecting the shortname from Disqus.

  • Blog

    Andromeda includes a dedicated blog page that can be utilized to provide informative content on SaaS-based products or solutions. You are allowed to create dedicated pages for multiple authors.

  • Contact Form

    Collect your visitor's name, email address, and message via the Contact form integrated into this theme. Third-party service providers such as or can be used to enable the form.

  • Call-To-Action (CTA)

    This theme includes a lucrative high converting CTA section that you can utilize to convert more visitors to your website.

  • Page List

    Andromeda offers 16 Premium Pages to craft a perfect SaaS-baed website. Here is a list of pages of Andromeda:

    1. Home
    2. About
    3. How it Works
    4. Blog
    5. Career
    6. Pricing
    7. Blog Details
    8. Author Single
    9. Job Detaisl
    10. Case Studies
    11. Case Syduies Details
    12. Terms & Conditions
    13. Changelog
    14. Sign in
    15. Elements
    16. Contact

Other Features

  • Hugo Pipe

    With asset bundling integration, the request and response time of the browser has been minimized. Hugo pipe executes the asset bundling and combines the assets such as CSS and JS.

  • Color

    Apply the color of your imagination to this theme because the colors are customizable. Also, you can change the color while running the theme via Forestry.

  • Fonts

    Optimize your visitors' readability and viewing experience by applying your preferred Google font in this theme.

  • Customizable CSS

    With CSS customization, you can change every design-related component of this theme into your preferred style.

  • This theme includes a GDPR Consent or Cookie consent popup. Therefore, you can collect users' consent on their data usage.

  • Caching-Enabled

    For the user's convenience, faster loading time has been assured by enabling caching feature.

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