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Anyone interested in featuring a personal blog site needs to look no farther than this cutting-edge and responsive blog theme named Editor. You will be getting 9 web pages to establish a complete blogging site. This theme has a straightforward design pattern all around, and the color scheme lends an air of delicacy to the whole thing. In addition, the placement of the menu, the overall aesthetic appeal, and the components of the blog are excellent.

Key Features

  • Page Speed (90/100)

    You will get a performance score of 90 on Google PageSpeed Insights which is outstanding. The unwanted CSS, JS, page redirects, and lazy loading images were removed from this theme.

  • SEO-Ready

    This theme is SEO-friendly to the best possible extent, and the SEO settings may be customized to your liking. Structured data, Open Graph, and Twitter card meta tags are all included in this theme.

  • Forestry-Ready(CMS)

    Forestry settings are all pre-configured in this theme for your convenience. So, you can manage every single content with the added advantage of this content management system.

  • Netlify-Ready

    You can easily deploy your site in Netlify since the theme is already configured for Netlify. You can also maintain regular deployment via Netlify.

  • CSS & JS Bundle With Hugo Pipe

    The amount of time that a browser takes to make a request and respond has been greatly reduced in this theme. Because it made use of asset bundling with the assistance of Hugo Pipe.

  • Reusable Shortcodes

    If you want to customize the contents and posts, you can apply them using the available shortcodes in it. You will be getting Collapse, Notice, Tab, Highlight, Gist, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Twitter.  

  • Customize Everything  

    You can customize this theme as much as you want. Modify the color, font, and size of any element of this theme by utilizing the simple config settings file.

  • More Features

    • Google analytics  support
    • Multiple language support
    • Contact form support
    • Search functionality included by fuse.js
    • Main taxonomy change option (tag or category)
    • Mailchimp integrated
    • GDPR consent enabled
    • Disqus Comments available
    • Caching Enabled
  • Theme Tweaks and Modifications

    Looking to add your own touches to personalize or customize the theme? Who better to work with than the team that built this amazing theme! Send us details about your project and let our development team take care of everything else. Check out our services.

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