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Gofolium is a responsive and blazing fast loading Hugo theme optimized to provide a portfolio site for scientists and researchers. This academic portfolio template is designed to showcase your professional accomplishments - a brief introduction, as well as your CV, research, publications, talks, and projects.


  • Page Speed (97/100)

    Get 97 scores on Google PageSpeed Insight by default. We've removed unused CSS, JavaScript, multiple page redirects, and lazy loads images.

  • Netlify and Forestry ready

    This theme is pre-configured for Netlify deployment. Therefore, you can easily deploy your site in seconds and also maintain continuous deployment.Also gofolium is pre-configured to work with Forestry CMS so that you can easily work with Forestry by just importing your repository.

  • CSS & JS Bundle With Hugo Pipe

    Asset bundling has been implemented via Hugo pipe to combine the assets such as CSS and JS files to reduce the browser's request and response time.

  • Shortcodes

    We've included a bunch of amazing shortcodes that will help you extend the functionalities of the contents or posts according to your imagination.

  • Customize Everything

    You can easily customize the colors, spacing, fonts, sizes, etc. via a simple config settings file - you don't even need to touch the code.

  • Other Features

    • Supports Contact Form (Formspree)
    • 100% Responsive Design
    • Semantic HTML Document Structure
    • Compatible With Modern Browsers
    • Custom Logo Support
    • Syntax Highlighting
    • GDPR (Cookie) Consent Enable
    • Caching Enabled
    • Site Verifications Code Options Are Available
    • Includes All SCSS Files
    • Image Optimized With Hugo Pipe
    • Google Font Loads From Webfont Loader
    • Clean and Modern Code
    • Supports Google, Matomo, Baidu etc. Analytics

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