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Parsa is a gorgeous blog theme that is ideal for representing your personal blog website. It is a great theme when it comes to the aesthetic appeal and distinctiveness of a blog website.


  • 97 Scores On Google PageSpeed

    Parsa scores 97 according to Google PageSpeed Insights which is admirable. We've omitted unutilized CSS, JavaScript, multiple page redirects, and laze lode images.

  • Netlify-Ready

    You can deploy this theme in Netlify with ease because it is pre-configured for Netlify.

  • Forestry-Ready(CMS)

    You can use the Forestry CMS and manage the Parsa theme since it is configured and ready for Forestry CMS.

  • SEO-Ready

    To get more exposure in SERP (Search engine result pages) and social media, we've included structured data, Open Graph & Twitter cards, and so on. Also, you can customize your own SEO settings in Parsa.

  • Reusable Shortcodes

    We've included a bunch of amazing shortcodes that will help you extend the functionalities of the contents or posts.

  • Search Functionality

    The search functionality of this theme is powered by fuse.js which allows users to find their preferred content with ease.

  • Masonry Support

    The theme includes Masonry support which allows you to showcase your posts through the Masonry-like grid layout.

  • Instagram feed

    You can link your Instagram account with Parsa and showcase your Instagram feed on this theme.

  • Disqus Comments

    Parsa contains the Disqus comment feature so that you can collect and share the comments or feedback of your site's visitors. Simply activate the comment feature in this theme by collecting the 'shortname' from Disqus.

  • Contact Form

    Since contact form support is pre-configured in this theme, you can enable it using third-party solutions including or

  • Home Page Variations

    Parsa offers 2 unique home page variations to highlight your unique blog website.

Other Features

  • Hugo Pipe

    To reduce the browser's request and response time asset bundling is crucial. Utilizing the Hugo pipe, asset (CSS and JS files) bundling has been implemented in this theme.

  • Color

    You can easily customize the color of this theme and apply your chosen color to it.

  • Fonts

    You can apply your preferred Google Font to this theme and also set your preferred font size ratio.

  • Customizable CSS

    You can control all the design-related aspects of this theme by customizing the CSS.

  • GDPR or cookie consent feature is integrated into this theme. Therefore, you can take your visitor's consent on their data usage.

  • Caching-Enabled

    Parsa is a caching-enabled theme and for that reason, it maintains a faster loading time.

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