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Logbook is a highly customizable multi-purpose blog theme that is ideal for crafting any creative blog site. This theme can solve all your blog-related issues because it includes the majority of the blog components.

  • Key Features

    Logbook is full of powerful features to help create amazing blog site

  • Page Speed (93/100)

    The PageSpeed score of LogBook is above 90, which is really appreciable. We've removed unused CSS, JavaScript, multiple page redirects, and lazy loads images.

  • Netlify-Ready

    By default, LogBook is configured and deployable in the Netlify environment. Therefore, you can easily deploy your site in seconds and also maintain continuous deployment.

  • Forestry-Ready (CMS)

    Logbook is pre-configured to use with the Forestry CMS so that you can one-click install a progressive, accessible website in minutes.

  • SEO Friendly

    To help you get search engine and social media exposure, we've implemented structured data, Open Graph, Twitter Cards, etc. Also, you can easily customize the SEO settings as you wish.

  • Reusable Shortcodes

    We've included a bunch of amazing shortcodes that will help you extend the functionalities of the contents or posts according to your imagination.

  • Disqus Comments

    Disqus powered comment option is integrated into this theme to collect visitors' ideas on your posts and share them with others. You can collect the shortname from Disqus and easily enable the comment option in this theme.

  • Search Functionality

    This theme's integrated search functionality (fuse.js) allows visitors to find their preferred content. So, users can search according to tags, categories, titles, and even posted content.

  • Multilingual Support

    Currently, two language translation (En, Fr) options are available due to Multilingual support integration. But you may add as many languages as you wish.

  • Snipcart Support

    This theme is nicely integrated with the Snipcart. Besides maintaining a blog, you can sell your products as well.

  • Contact Form

    Contact form support is integrated into this theme to maintain a communication bridge between visitors and your website. You can enable the forms using any third-party service provider such as or

  • Hugo Pipe

    Asset bundling is essential to reduce a browser's request and response time. In this theme, asset bundles have been implemented via Hugo pipe to combine the assets such as CSS and JS files.

  • Caching Enabled

    To ensure faster loading time, caching has been enabled by default in this theme.

  • Tweaks and Modifications

    Are you getting stuck trying to make individual customizations, adding that special personal touch, or a feature that is not yet included? You can hire us to complete small custom tasks on this theme.

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