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Saasis is a Hugo SaaS theme that is an output of unique and trending design ideas. It offers more than 10 different pages to represent your SaaS theme effectively. The theme allows you to maintain a site related to software, mobile app, and any digital products.  The features section of this theme allows you to highlight the services that you provide smartly. You can also highlight the companies and brands that you’ve worked with and showcase your services.

Key Features

  • Page Speed (97/100)

    Get a performance score of 97 on Google PageSpeed Insight by default. All the unused CSS, JavaScript, multiple page redirects, and lazy loading images were removed from this theme.

  • SEO-Ready

    Structured data, Open Graph, and Twitter Cards Meta tag have been implemented in this theme. Also, you can easily customize the SEO settings as you wish.

  • Netlify-Ready

    This theme is pre-configured for Netlify deployment. Therefore, you can easily deploy your site in seconds and also maintain continuous deployment.

  • Forestry-Ready(CMS)

    This theme is pre-configured to work with Forestry CMS so that you can easily work with Forestry by just importing your repository.

  • CSS & JS Bundle With Hugo Pipe

    Asset bundling has been implemented via Hugo pipe to combine the assets such as CSS and JS files to reduce the browser's request and response time.

  • Reusable Shortcodes

    We’ve included a bunch of amazing shortcodes that will assist you in extending the functionalities of the contents or posts according to your imagination.

  • Customize Everything

    You can easily customize the colors, spacing, fonts, sizes, etc., via a simple config settings file – you don't even need to touch the code.

  • Features Page

    Describe your SaaS products in detail using the Features page. You can also describe your company objectives and display the brands or clients that you’ve worked with.

  • More Features

    • Multilingual and i18n support (Fr, En)
    • Fun facts Counter Available
    • Pricing Page available
    • Blog Page available
    • Google Analytics Support
    • Supports Contact Form (Formspree)
    • 100% Responsive Design
    • Semantic HTML Document Structure
    • Compatible With Modern Browsers
    • Custom Logo Support
    • GDPR (Cookie) Consent Enable
    • Caching Enabled
    • Includes All SCSS Files
    • Image Optimized With Hugo Pipe
    • Google Font Loads From Webfont Loader
    • Clean and Modern Code
  • Theme Tweaks and Modifications

    Looking to add your own touches to personalize or customize the theme? Who better to work with than the team that built this amazing theme! Send us details about your project and let our development team take care of everything else. See Our Services.

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