35+ Best Multilingual Hugo Themes In 2024

By Mehedi Sharif|Update: 20 May, 2024|16 Mins read
35+ Best Multilingual Hugo Themes In 2024

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If you're looking to create a multilingual website using Hugo, our selection of multilingual Hugo themes is perfect for you! These themes are designed to make building a multilingual website a breeze, with built-in support for multiple languages, fully responsive design, customizable features, and an easy-to-use interface.

Let's dive in and explore our hand-picked selection of curated themes, tailored to help you reach a global audience!


bigspring hugo theme

Bigspring is the perfect multilingual theme for any SaaS business looking to create a stunning website. It offers multi-language support for English, German, and Chinese, which means customers around the world can easily access your content. Multiple author support also allows your team to have full control over the website. Bigspring's Google PageSpeed Score is 95/100 for desktop and 17+ pre-designed pages allow you to create a highly efficient and attractive website. With Bigspring, your business will have a modern, professional website that your customers will love.

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spydea hugo theme

Spydea is a beautiful Hugo theme that works great for many types of businesses, like SaaS, startups, and agencies. It comes with more than 17 ready-to-use pages, giving you everything you need to create a beautiful and professional website that stands out from the competition.

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interface hugo theme

Interface is an ideal Hugo theme for displaying SaaS products. It's user-friendly and customizable, offering a range of features to help you craft an impressive and polished SaaS website.

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logbook hugo theme

Logbook is a highly customizable multi-purpose blog theme that is perfect for any creative blog site. With multilingual support, Snipcart support and a 100% responsive design, this theme ensures that your blog looks great on any device, and is always optimized for the best performance. Plus, Logbook has a Google PageSpeed Score of 93/100 (Desktop), so you can rest assured that your blog will always load quickly and efficiently. Logbook is the ideal solution for all your blog-related needs.

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andromeda hugo theme

Introducing Andromeda, the perfect theme for SaaS solutions! Andromeda is a powerful and versatile multipurpose SaaS theme that's ideal for any marketing, business, or agency website. With Andromeda, you get 16 premium pages to create an effective and professional website that your customers will love. Plus, it provides complete i18n support with multilingual capabilities and scores 96 on Google PageSpeed. And with reusable shortcodes, you can customize it to fit your website's needs! Get Andromeda today and create the perfect website for your business.

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godocs hugo theme

Godocs is a powerful Bootstrap-based premium theme that is perfect for creating modern and minimalistic documentation websites. It comes with four included layouts and a range of components and shortcodes that allow you to customize your website to exactly how you want it. It also offers automatic search capabilities, and multilingual support (En, Fr) and is built with SEO in mind, giving you a Google PageSpeed Score of 90/100 (Desktop). With Godocs, you can have a professional-looking website in just a few clicks.

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copper hugo theme

Copper is the perfect theme for creating a modern, professional-looking SAAS landing page website. With its sleek and minimalistic design, it offers a great combination of text, graphics, and white spaces, providing a platform to engage and showcase your web application. And with its advanced theme options, you can customize the template to fit your needs without any coding knowledge. Plus, Copper is also multilingual (Fr, En), has a Google PageSpeed Score of 95/100 (Desktop), is integrated with Mailchimp, and has a fun factor counter available.

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stack hugo theme

Stack is a Hugo theme designed for bloggers, offering a card-style layout with multilingual support, including RTL languages. It is built without any CSS or JavaScript framework and offers a dark mode for a more comfortable viewing experience. Additionally, Stack offers a range of features such as social media integration, advanced typography, and a custom search engine. Whether you are a casual blogger or a professional author, Stack offers an ideal platform to share your content with the world.

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Small Apps

small apps hugo theme

Small App is the perfect landing page theme for presenting your digital product, especially your mobile app. Small App offers a clean and straightforward design with amazing animations on the homepage. It also supports multilingual and i18n languages, such as French and English, and has a Google PageSpeed Score of 95/100 (Desktop). Additionally, it is compatible with modern browsers and provides custom logo support. Small App is the ideal choice to make your product stand out.

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agico hugo theme

Agico is the perfect choice for any business looking to create a stunning landing page. With its modern and responsive design, this Multilingual Hugo theme is built with Bootstrap, so you can be sure of optimized performance. Agico has multilanguage support and is fast and reliable, with a Google PageSpeed Score of 94/100 (Desktop). The integration of Google Maps makes it easier for customers to find where you are located. With Agico, you can make sure your business stands out and your customers have a great user experience.

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reader hugo theme

Reader is designed to be highly customizable and Multilingual, giving you the ability to change the look and feel of your blog with a few clicks. The reader has multiple color palettes to choose from, so it can match any brand identity. The theme is also responsive and looks great on any device. It is also SEO-friendly, with built-in meta tags and featured images. It also supports social media integration, so you can easily share your blog posts. Finally, Reader is equipped with a variety of widgets, such as a newsletter signup, recent posts, and an Instagram widget, to help you make the most of your blog.

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dot hugo theme

Dot is a cutting-edge Multilingual Hugo theme designed specifically for creating documentation websites. With its pre-designed layout and array of features, it offers a seamless and professional experience for visitors. Dot is optimized for speed, with a Google PageSpeed Score of 97/100 on desktop, and Some of its key features include an installation section, billing & pricing section, built-in language translation, contact forms, and an FAQ section. Whether you're a software service provider or documentation specialist, Dot offers a modern and responsive solution for your documentation needs.

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enov hugo theme

Enov is the perfect Hugo business theme for any corporate or business website – with its outstanding features and user experience. Enov provides smooth visual effects, a fully-featured blog, forms, and search functionality, as well as the ability to easily represent services, portfolios, testimonials, and pricing lists. But it also goes beyond, with multilingual support, a Google PageSpeed Score of 94/100 (Desktop), the ability to have multiple authors and even a fun facts counter. With Enov, you can create an amazing website quickly and easily.

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blist hugo theme

Blist is the perfect Hugo theme for bloggers who want to make their content stand out. Blist features multilingual support and i18n support, giving you the freedom to reach a global audience. Searching through your content is easy with Blist's customizable text search. Plus, its responsive design ensures that your blog looks great on all devices, from desktop to mobile. SEO optimization is built-in to help your content get noticed and indexed by search engines. With Blist, you can create a fast, beautiful blog that stands out from the crowd.

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bookworm hugo theme

Bookworm hugo blog theme is here to make your blogging experience easier and faster. Bookworm comes with multilingual and i18n support, two homepage variations (Grid Layout, List Layout), custom logo support, and compatibility with modern browsers. Plus, it is super fast and SEO friendly, so your content will be more likely picked up by search engines and get the attention it deserves. Get ready for your next blog journey with Bookworm and make your mark in the digital world!

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meghna hugo theme

Meghna is a modern and professional-looking Multilingual Hugo website template, perfect for SEO or digital agencies, business, and corporate websites. It features a single-page design with a dark color scheme and is packed with all the necessary elements and features you need to present your business.

Meghna’s homepage offers an embedding option for videos, sections for information about your company, portfolio, services, skills, and recent works, as well as presenting your team, customer reviews of your work and the pricing of your services. You can also keep your followers and potential new customers updated with the fully featured weblog sections.

This website template has multilingual support for French and English, and a Google PageSpeed Score of 93/100 (Desktop). It also has multiple author support and Open Graph & Twitter Card meta tags. With Meghna, you can create a stylish and modern dark website perfect for your business or agency.

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bizcraft hugo theme

Bizcraft is the perfect Multilingual theme for businesses, brands, and startups looking to create a professional website. Bizcraft elegant design and modern features come with four customizable homepage variations and six available color schemes. It is fully responsive and supports multiple languages (English and French). Also, with its single author feature, you can easily manage your website without any hassle. To take your website to the next level, Bizcraft also supports Flickr images, allowing you to showcase your stunning photos and videos.

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bexer Hugo theme

With Bexer, you can build a modern, stylish Multilingual website to showcase your services. Bexer offers Home, About, Service, Blog, and Contact pages as well as a Service Portfolio, Pricing category, and more. It is fully responsive and robust and has a Google PageSpeed Score of 90/100 (Desktop). Additionally, Bexer offers i18n support for multiple languages and provides customizable options to modify the top header. Try it out and see the difference it makes in creating an attractive website for your business!

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bilberry hugo theme

Bilberry is a modern and feature-filled Hugo theme, perfect for any website. Bilberry offers multilingual support in both English and German, built-in content search powered by Algolia SAAS, and it even shows the estimated reading time for each article! Plus, it's fully responsive, so your site will look great on any device. Whether you're creating a blog, portfolio, or corporate website, Bilberry is perfect for the job.

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delta hugo theme

Delta is a powerful and feature-rich Multilingual theme perfect for any SaaS business or website. It's fast, efficient, and offers a dark mode for an improved viewing experience. Delta integrates easily with CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, and offers SEO optimization for better visibility. Plus, it is i18n compliant, so you can easily promote your products in multiple languages. With two homepage variants and multiple author options, Delta is the perfect choice for any website or project.

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airspace hugo theme

Airspace Hugo is a Multilingual versatile and modern Hugo theme that is perfect for a wide range of businesses, including marketing, photography, and development enterprises. This theme offers a user-friendly interface and a trendy design that is both flexible and versatile. With its fast-loading template and eight distinct pages, including portfolio, support, service, and contact, Airspace is compatible across different devices and browsers. Additionally, it has Forestry.io and Netlify integration, making it easy to launch your site.

Whether you're looking to create a corporate or business website, Airspace is a perfect choice, it is also SEO-friendly and W3 valid so you don't have to put more effort when going to customize as per your requirement. It comes with both free and premium plans, so you can start with the free version and upgrade if you're pleased. You also get quality support from the author.

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vixcon hugo theme

Vixcon is the perfect Hugo theme for your conference or event website. It has a modern and elegant design and is packed with features to help you get the most out of your site. With multilingual support, a Google PageSpeed Score of 97/100 (Desktop), a Countdown Timer, and support for Site Verification & Analytics, Vixcon has all the tools to make your conference presentation standout. Plus, with Hugo’s speed and SEO-optimized templates, you can be sure your event will be seen by everyone who needs to know.

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reporter hugo theme

Reporter is a Multilingual minimalistic and lightweight Hugo theme designed specifically for creating personal blog websites. It boasts a classic style, a clean aesthetic, and simple functions that make it perfect for bloggers of all sectors. Reporter is both aesthetically and functionally appealing, allowing you to easily modify your blog with just a few clicks. The streamlined design is focused on providing readers with a clean and distraction-free experience, making it perfect for bloggers in any niche, such as photography, lifestyle, technology, travel, etc. The theme also offers personalization options that allow you to tailor it to your specific blog category. With its polished and balanced design, The Reporter is the perfect theme for any blogger looking to establish a unique and engaging online presence.

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papermod hugo theme

Introduce to you hugo PaperMod, a theme that is based on the popular hugo-paper theme, but with added features and modifications that will take your blog to new heights. The theme uses Hugo's asset generator by default, making it fast and efficient. The theme also features Multilingual support with a language selector, Taxonomies, Cover image for each post with Responsive image support, Light/Dark theme, SEO Friendly, Multiple Author support, Search Page. With 3 different modes to choose from, Regular, Home-Info and Profile mode, you can tailor the look and feel of your blog to your liking.

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editor hugo theme

Editor is a cutting-edge and responsive Multilingual blog theme that is perfect for anyone looking to establish a personal blog site. With 9 web pages included in the theme, it is easy to create a complete and fully-featured blog. Editor boasts a straightforward design pattern with a delicate color scheme that lends an air of elegance to the overall aesthetic. The placement of the menu, the overall visual appeal, and the components of the blog are expertly designed and provide an outstanding user experience. Whether you're a blogger looking to start a personal blog or an individual looking for a simple yet engaging way to showcase your thoughts and ideas, Editor is the perfect theme for you. With its responsive design and easy customization options, it is easy to create a unique and personalized blog that is sure to engage your visitors.

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timeframe hugo theme

Timeframe theme is a versatile and feature-rich Multilingual theme that is perfect for creating any type of photo or video website. With its solid layout and beautiful responsive design, it is ideal for showcasing media on both desktop and mobile devices. The timeframe theme is particularly well-suited for designers and artists working mainly in visual mediums, as it offers a variety of portfolio layouts that provide plenty of flexibility to design the site of your dreams.

It also comes preconfigured with four different home page styles, a portfolio and about us/me section, a fully functional contact form, and Instagram integration. Additionally, it includes a fully functional search and language translation options, making it easy to reach a global audience. Whether you're looking to create a stunning blog site or showcase your work as a visual artist, Timeframe is the perfect theme to help you achieve your goals.

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gojournal hugo theme

Introducing GoJournal, a premium Multilingual Hugo magazine theme that offers a sleek and sophisticated design, perfect for creating visually stunning and easy-to-navigate blog sites. With a minimal design that prioritizes readability and simplicity, GoJournal features a beautiful hero slider that highlights your featured articles. GoJournal is multilingual and offers flexible content management through Forestry CMS integration, making it easy to manage and update your site. Additionally, it includes all the standard blogging elements such as comments, contact forms, and newsletter subscriptions. Whether you're a culinary blogger, a travel writer, or a lifestyle blogger, GoJournal has the tools and features you need to create a truly outstanding blog site. Elevate your blogging game and take your audience on a visual journey with GoJournal.

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gofolium hugo theme

Introducing GoFolium, a responsive and lightning-fast Multilingual Hugo theme designed for scientists and researchers to showcase their professional accomplishments in an elegant and modern way. With GoFolium, you can highlight your introduction, CV, research, publications, talks and projects in a clean and polished layout, optimized to fit every device. Whether you're a professor, scientist or researcher, GoFolium is the perfect choice to create an academic portfolio site that stands out. GoFolium comes with a solid dark layout with mild animation and the ability to add rich media to attract your audience quickly. This theme is also Multilingual, allowing you to target multiple countries seamlessly. With GoFolium, you can create a personal publication website that's both stylish and professional.

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educenter hugo theme

Introducing Educenter, a powerful and versatile Hugo theme designed for educational websites of all levels. This sleek and modern Multilingual theme is packed with all the elements you need to showcase your school, courses, instructors, announcements, and more. It is also ideal for a professional learning management system, making it easy to maintain the entire operation of an educational institute.

With Educenter, your educational institution will have a professional and user-friendly website that is easy to navigate for students, teachers, and staff. The theme offers a variety of essential features that provide an exceptional user experience. Admins and other users are always updated with the latest news and programs. Educenter also allows you to easily integrate the site with a registered course management system. Whether you're building a website for a school, college, university, or training center, Educenter is the perfect choice for a stylish and contemporary education website.

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devfast hugo theme

DevFest Theme Hugo is the ultimate Multilingual theme for conferences and events. DevFest theme is built to make it easy for organizers to showcase the conference schedule, speakers, and sponsors, as well as provide information about the venue and travel. The theme is also optimized for SEO and performance, making it easy for attendees to find the information they need. With a clean and modern design, the theme is fully responsive, ensuring that it looks great on any device. DevFest Theme Hugo is the perfect choice for any conference or event looking to make a lasting impression.

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northendlab hugo theme

Introducing Northendlab, a responsive and fast-loading Multilingual Hugo theme specifically designed for tech or gaming-related blogs and developers. The theme is perfect for writers who want to create simple, one-of-a-kind personal blogs and make reading your content more enjoyable for your audience. Northendlab comes with a fully functioning blog, portfolio, and contact section, designed specifically to showcase your work and achievements. The minimalistic design is clean and light, making it easy to present your blog to the world.

The portfolio post type is perfect for exhibiting current work, programs, and applications, and any other achievement. The theme also allows multiple authors and an ideal tool section to include your tools or portfolio. Northendlab is also perfect for technical persons or organizations that develop digital tools or products, allowing you to start blogging and create a blazing-fast and refreshing website to grow your audience and business.

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navigator hugo theme

Navigator, a sleek and modern Hugo theme that follows the Material Design concept inspired by Google. The theme is perfect for creating any business or corporate website, and is highly customizable and aimed exclusively at presenting any business or corporate profile. Navigator features a clean and professional design, with a well-organized coding structure that makes customization easy and time-efficient. It's a one-page template, perfect for increasing the conversion rate and providing an overall concept under one page to the audience.

The design of Navigator is simply awesome, Multilingual, and creative, and its layout is well thought out and contains all the necessary items for a Hugo landing page website. Navigator is a bit more exceptional portfolio theme than the other Hugo portfolio themes out there, as it's based on Google's Material Design, making its user interface catchy, attractive and smooth. It's perfect for an agency or start-up, as it's crafted with many pre-built pages, helping you to offer different types of services.

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biztrox hugo theme

Biztrox, a professional and premium quality Multilingual Hugo business theme that comes with a lucrative design and easy user interface. The theme is packed with robust features that will surely engage your website visitors and generate a professional vibe for any business website. Biztrox is a lightweight, fast-loading theme, created with the latest web technologies and is perfect for service-based websites. It is a developer-friendly template, allowing you to add content from your site easily. The theme offers 14 distinctive web pages along with three homepage layout variations.

Biztrox is a multipurpose business theme that includes all the modern and necessary features for a business website. The overall appearance of the theme is professional, catchy and user-friendly. The theme is perfect for promoting almost all types of digital products and services.

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jane hugo theme

Jane is a beautifully crafted theme for Hugo, designed with the reader in mind. It includes a wide range of additional changes to enhance the reading experience. Jane also supports Multilingual Mode and comes with a range of shortcodes, including image, blockquote, and music, to help you create rich and engaging content. Additionally, the theme is optimized for search, making it easy for your readers to find the information they need. Jane is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, making it easy to read on any device.

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saasis hugo theme

Saasis is a cutting-edge multilingual Hugo SaaS theme that combines unique design elements with a user-friendly layout. With over 10 different pages to choose from, Saasis theme is perfect for showcasing your software, mobile app, or other digital products. The built-in “Features” section allows you to highlight the services you offer in a visually appealing way, and you can also showcase the companies and brands you’ve worked with. The theme also features a vibrant color scheme and modern design principles to make your website stand out. With Saasis, you can easily create a professional and polished website for your SaaS business.

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wallet hugo theme

Wallet Hugo theme is a sleek and professional multilingual option for any corporate, business, or financial service website. The theme boasts a one-of-a-kind design with a default color scheme that is sure to catch the eye of potential clients. It is fully responsive, making it accessible on any device. Wallet includes 12 distinct pages that offer a wealth of customization options, allowing you to tailor the theme to your specific needs.

The theme offers a pixel-perfect design, Google fonts, well-structured code, and more. Whether you're showcasing services, blog posts, testimonials or more, Wallet theme makes it easy to create an online presence that effectively represents your business. It is a perfect theme for anyone looking for a theme that is responsive and offers a lot of customization options for their financial service website.

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redlab hugo theme

ReadLab is a versatile multilingual Hugo blog theme that is perfect for showcasing your portfolio and online presence. It includes a variety of web pages to give you all the tools you need to create a professional website. ReadLab theme offers custom post types to post job offerings and showcase portfolios, making it easy to organize and present your work. Additionally, the theme boasts a pre-built search capability, allowing you to easily find any content on your website. ReadLab theme is visually clean, aesthetic and well-organized, perfect for creating an IT company website. All the elements are easy to use and you can offer your services in a creative way. The theme is supported by the team at gethugothemes, ready to assist you in implementing this theme in the best possible way.

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toha hugo theme

Introducing Toha, A multilingual Hugo theme for a personal portfolio, a sleek and minimalist theme designed to showcase your skills and experiences in a clean and modern way. With a fully responsive design and carefully designed cards, your portfolio will look great on any device. For those who are looking to track their success, Toha also includes analytics support to monitor their progress, as well as an experience timeline and achievement gallery to show off their accomplishments.

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Don't let the thought of creating a website in multiple languages hold you back from reaching a wider audience. Start building your dream website today with our selection of multilingual Hugo themes. Check them out and see for yourself how easy it can be to create a website in multiple languages.

In conclusion, a multilingual website can be a great way to reach a wider audience, but creating one can be a daunting task. However, with the help of multilingual Hugo themes, it is easy and simple. Don't wait any longer, start building your dream website today!