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Educenter is a Hugo theme designed specifically for educational websites. This sleek theme is packed with all the elements that you need to show info about your school, courses, instructors, announcements, and more. It is also ideal for a professional learning management system. The entire operation of an educational institute can be maintained by this theme.

Key Features

  • Page Speed (90/100)

    Educenter theme scores 90 in Google PageSpeed Insight which is remarkable. Unnecessary CSS, JavaScript, multiple page redirects, and lazy load images were all removed.

  • Course Page

    You can present various courses through a dedicated course page on this theme. You may also offer premium courses by utilizing this page.

  • SEO-Ready

    Structured data, Open Graph, and Twitter Cards Meta tag have been implemented for SEO optimization. You can further enhance the SEO settings of this theme according to your preference.

  • Netlify-Ready

    This is a Netlify pre-configured theme that allows you to easily deploy it on Netlify as well as maintain continuous deployment.

  • Forestry-Ready(CMS)

    To include management capabilities in this theme, Forestry CMS settings are pre-configured in this theme. You can easily manage your content using Forestry CMS only by importing your repository.

  • CSS & JS Bundle With Hugo Pipe

    With the help of Hugo Pipe, asset bundling was implemented on this theme. Therefore, the assets such as CSS and JS were combined which reduced the browser request and response time.

  • Reusable Shortcodes

    We've provided a number of fantastic shortcodes that will allow you to improve the functionality of the contents or posts in any way you see fit.

  • Customize Everything

    Customize the colors, spacing, fonts, sizes, and more with ease using a simple config settings file. No need to worry about coding anymore.

  • More Features

    • Google analytics  support
    • i18n Multi-language support
    • Multiple authors available
    • Contact form Support
    • Mailchimp integrated
    • GDPR consent enabled
    • Google map support
    • Top Header customization option
    • Taxonomy or Category
  • Theme Tweaks and Modifications

    Looking to add your own touches to personalize or customize the theme? Who better to work with than the team that built this amazing theme! Send us details about your project and let our development team take care of everything else. Check out our services.

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