Best Free Hugo Themes For Next Hugo Powered Static Website Project 2021

Free hugo themes

Among the static site-building frameworks Hugo is getting very popular to the web developer community. Hugo has blazing fast loading speed and site speed is now a very important ranking factor. So more and more people now switching Hugo eco-system. Hugo theme can be the best to make make your site in the Hugo environment in the shortest possible time. Here we make a list of free Hugo Themes that may help you a lot to your project. Most of the themes in this list under MIT or creative common license so you can use the theme for your purpose without any hesitation of copyright issue. Here we add the business theme, portfolio theme, blog theme, landing page and so one. Hope this will help you find the best free Hugo template for your projects

Hugo Mege Bundle

Meghna – Free Business Website Themes

Free Business Website Themes

You are a creative Business firm owner and want to set up your company website and present your work to the virtual community. It is all very important in the modern age to keep an online presence for business growth. Building a website from the beginning is so time consuming and expensive. Rather than if you use a pre-build business website template, it’s more time saving and less expensive. Meghna is a free Hugo theme for the Business website. It is very well decorated and easy to custom. So just Free download it and start your website.

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Dot – Free Hugo Documentation Themes

Free Hugo Documentation Themes

Dot is a free Hugo theme for building documentation site. It has almost all the features that a documentation site needs. Elegant landing page, Faq page, contact page, etc pages. On the landing page, you will find the installation guide, Price and billing, feature section in 3 columns grid view. This theme made responsive by using Bootstrap and powered by Hugo. The most special thing about this free Hugo theme is that it has multi-language support and a very effective search bar facility.

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Airspace – Free Hugo Business Template

Free Hugo Business Template

Airspace is a free Hugo theme for a digital marketing agency. As soon as your prospective new clients arrive at your website they can view the core information about your digital agency through scroll your landing page. Through this Bootstrap base Hugo theme you can present your work and service to your potential client and customer without facing any responsive issue. This theme is very responsive and SEO Friendly. Its coding structure is also W3 Valid so you don’t need to put more effort when going to customize as your requirement.

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Liva – Free Hugo Themes for Blog

Liva hugo blog themes

Liva is a free Hugo blog Template with a Clean and white design appearance. In this theme, you will find a well-decorated landing page or home page, 2 Columns View Blog Page, About Page, and A contact Page. In the Home Page, you will find a very fresh look navigation menu where is also sticky Social contact icon. Which will help your visitor find you and connect you on the social media platform? After That you will find a Featured Post Slider, here we can easily present our feature post to get more visitor attention on this post. On the left side, there is Sidebar Widget in which we can easily present a brief bio of the author and post category. At the bottom of the 2 Columns blog post section, there is a newsletter subscription section, which will help you get to lead and generate more subscribers and readers of your blog.

However, This theme is Based on Bootstrap so it is fully responsive to any screen size device. It is powered by Hugo so site loading speed is also amazing. Its page speed insight score is on desktop 93 and mobile 76 as it is not a mobile fast design theme so the mobile score is not so bad. This them has some special feature also Like you can integrate this theme with CMS full functional Post search option, Disquss Comments add the facility to make it is for your user to comment and express their views. This theme also contains Taxonomy Page and Necessary Shortcodes. If you have a tight budget then Live Hugo is a good choice for you to launch your blog website in the Hugo ecosystem.

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Parsa – Free Hugo Blog Website Templates

Free Hugo Blog Website Templates

Hugo platform is gating popular for blog website building, Specially the Developer community likes it most. Parsa is a free Personal Blogging Theme for the Blogging Lover who wants to build their website in Hugo ecosystem. Building a site from scratch is so painful job so you can use this ready to use the free Hugo blog template for your project. This theme is very minimal in design because the theme developer team gives more focus on readability. This creative template has two homepage version. HomePage 2 you can use for building a portfolio site. This theme is realized under MIT so the developer community can use and make changes as they want without thinking about copyright issues.

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Kross – Free Hugo Portfolio Website Themes

Free Hugo Portfolio Website Themes

Keep growing your career business with an elegant personal portfolio website. Your skill and potentiality need a mind-blowing and attractive portfolio website to grab more clients. A strong portfolio website is always helpful to present yourself with what you are doing. Kross is a personal portfolio website template. This theme is a nicely illustrated and well crafted free Hugo theme with multipage. It all necessary sections and pages to present your qualifications, skills, projects, and portfolio. It also has a fully functional blog page to make more connections with your client by sharing your learning and views.

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BigSpring – Free Agency Template

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Persian – Free Hugo Blog Templalte

Persian - Free Hugo Blog Templalte

Persian is a free Hugo powered blog Theme Based on Bootstrap. This Minimal Design Theme is designed By Themefisher team and Developed by Gethugothemes Team. It has 6 Page one home page, an About page, a Category page, a Contact page, and a privacy policy page. The theme’s home page is Box design. On the header left side, there is a logo position to present your symbolic identity and on the right side, there is a minimal design navigation menu. In the hero area, there is a space for a big banner. You can use this space for displaying your Best post which you want to show your reader fast. Below the banner area, there is a 2 box design blog display. Where your regular post will be visible. This design is very eye catchy and reader-friendly. Through the About page, you can publish your bio and briefing portfolio. On the category page, your reader can easily find your writing through category wise display. If your reader wants to contact you they can contact you through the contact page. As it is a static theme this contact is not functional so you need to use a 3rd party solution to make it functional. The specialty of Gethugotheme developed is, as it is a static theme but there is a fully functional search system. Because Most of the Static themes don’t have any search facility. To Make it Happen Gethugotheme team developed a special JS plugin. And the Persian theme also has this plugin. So If you have a tight budget and then you can start your blogging career by setting up your own website using this theme. As it is based on Bootstrap so there is no responsive issue. This Hugo theme is also Very SEO friendly.

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Hargo – Free Hugo Themes for Ecommerce

Hargo - Free Hugo Themes for Ecommerce

Want to set up an eCommerce site using Hugo ecosystem!! A few days ago it was quite difficult but now it is so easy because Themefisher developer team brings a very elegant eCommerce theme Hargo for the Hugo lover community. And it’s distributed free for all to make it easy to access and more development. So check this theme and give your feedback to the Themefisher team.

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Resturant – Free Hugo Restaurant Website Themes

Free Hugo Restaurant Website Themes

If you are a chef or restaurant owner and want to present your work to the world through your own website then GetHugoThemes presenting to you “Restaurant” a fully free Hugo theme for your project. This theme has all the pages like a premium theme, So you can easily set up your website using this template. This theme has a very nice Blog section by using this you can easily share your delicious recipes and tips to your visitor that may help them a lot and make a good impression about you and your business.

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Infinity – Free coming soon Landing Page Hugo

Infinity - Free coming soon Landing Page Hugo

Coming soon website templates helps to keep holding your visitor when you are going to launch your business website in the near future. You can also use this free Hugo template as a business website. It has a clean static image background and hovers the effect on all components. This template has a service and a contact page also to present your service and get hired.

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Vex – Free Hugo Product Landing Page Themes

Vex - Free Hugo Product Landing Page Themes

Vex is a free Hugo product landing page template. You can use it for software or physical product marketing. The main purpose of this theme is to showcase your product and product features. This template is perfect for a single product. It has a newsletter subscription section that will help you get more leads. This theme is based on bootstrap and fully responsive Hugo theme fully free. Its coding structure is also w3 valid you don’t need to take extra pain for customizing this theme.

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Timer – Hugo Business Tempaltes Free

Premium hugo themes

Timer is a free Hugo Business website template. It can be used for any kind of business site, especially for software or IT related service companies. Its design is very minimal with an animation effect. This free Hugo theme has all the necessary components and pages that you might need to create your own site. This theme is bootstrap based and fully customizable. It is very SEO friendly also which may give you an extra advantage to get a higher rank in SERP. Hope this theme will not dishearten you if you use it.

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Navigator – Free Material Design Landing page Hugo

Navigator - Free Material Design Landing page Hugo

Navigator is a bootstrap base material design Hugo landing page template. Its design is very clean and professional. Its coding structure is also very well organized so doesn’t need to be about customization hassle and time consumption. It is fully responsive and SEO friendly.

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Travelify is a responsive design Hugo travel blog website template. The blog theme is designed to keep focusing on readability. It has Razor sharp text, vibrant colors, awesome graphics, and sharp images on HiDPI (Retina) displays. The theme has a very unique Featured Slider. This feature slider helps you to stand out your best content to your reader immediately after landing on your website’s home page. It is a single column blog template, In the right side of the theme, there is a sidebar widget where you can easily prest about author bio, Newsletter subscription, category stage, etc. The theme used a 3rd party search tool that works pretty cool. This theme also has an about page and contact page. The is published under MIT license so you of doing anything with this theme you want.

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Twenty Twenty Hugo

Twenty Twenty is a popular WordPress theme. GetHugoThemes Now Bring It on Hugo. The developer team uses Bootstrap to make it responsive. The theme contains a nice home page, About page, Contact page, blog single page, etc. If you want to get WordPress to flavor In Hugo then you can try this theme. You can Integrate this theme with netlify and forestry. If you don’t know to code, don’t worry you can install it and use it without knowing any code.

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Raditian is a free single page portfolio website template. This is a very modern-looking website theme. It is Based on bootstrap so surely it is very responsive to any size screen. The developer team of the theme use flexbox technology to make the design process easy. So it will also help you when you are customizing it as your requirements. The typography used in this theme is so elegant. If you are a designer or developer then it is a perfect theme for you. This theme also realized under MIT license so you have full freedom of doing anything using this theme.

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Novela is a minimal design free Blog theme by thenewdynamic team. You can easily integrate this theme with and start your blogging within 5 minutes. This theme is very responsive so easily fit on any screen. It has a light and dark version and users can switch by one click.

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Hero is a free multipurpose Business theme for Hugo. This theme has a fullscreen hero image that makes the theme most attractive. You can use this section to grab your visitor’s attention at the first sight. After that, there is a
call to action section, A call to action section is very important if you are providing a service. It helps your visitor turns into your customer. In the home page after that, there is a service gallery where you present the service you provide. The Theme has other pages also, they are service, workes, About us and contact us. Using the service page you can demonstrate your service elaborately to make easy to understand and how your service will help others. The work page is a portfolio page you can showcase your finest creation in the section. It will help visitors to understand your experience and expertise level. You can tell your story to your visitor using the about page. The contact page is always important to keep in touch. But it is a static theme so you may need some 3rd party solution to make the contact form functional. This theme is based on bootstrap and support markdown. So it will be easy to maintain if you use this theme.

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Fresh is a Bulma CSS based free Landing page for Hugo. This theme presentation is very simple but eyecatcher. This single-page theme you can use for your sass, app, or web app landing page. Its coding structure is clean and modular that helps you a lot when you will go to customize the theme. Fresh is a very responsive theme so easily adapts to any screen size.

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Sodium is a free responsive Hugo theme for making business websites. It is based on popular CSS frameworks Bootstrap That’s why this theme can easily adapt to the device screen size of the user. This theme has nicely decorated a landing page, blog page, portfolio page, contact page .means almost all the pages that a static site may need to function properly. Its homepage has a cover section, after that a Cover, Features/Services section to display your services, Pricing table, Team section to show behind the people of the business. It helps to gain customer trust. And contact Form. In this theme you can also add Google analytics and for comment Disqus.

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Elate is a free one-page portfolio theme with a parallax effect for the Hugo ecosystem. This theme is specially designed for freelance designers and developers who want to present their finest work to the community through their personal websites. This theme has five different sections on the home page they are work or portfolio section, service section, testimonial section, and at the bottom contact form section. In the hero area, there is a box layout to show how you work and there is also an option to add a video of your working process highlight. In the work section, you can present your previous projects which show your expertise level. The testimonial section shows your client’s real-life experience and feedback when he/she was working with you. This section is very essential to gain your potential client’s trust. At the service section, you can display

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Resto is a free one-page restaurant website template for Hugo. This theme is made responsive by using popular CSS frameworks Bootstrap 4. Though it is a single-page theme, But there is a blog page. The blog page helps you to draw more visitors by sharing unique recipes and tickets. To increase your visitor participation in this theme you can add Disqus comments and track your website google analytics is also available in the template.

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Planty is ready to use the Hugo e-commerce theme by Snapchat. You can very easily use this theme to build your own eCommerce site through Stackbit’s platform. There are available most of the necessary components that an eCommerce site needs such as product listing, categorization, FAQ, etc. You can easily integrate this theme with CMS. It will help you a lot to manage your site.

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Serif is a free well-illustrated Hugo Business Theme. It is perfectly fit for any archetypical business website. It is based on Bootstrap 4.3 and SCSS Hugo Pipelines. So it is very responsive and blazing fast. This theme is also very Seo Friendly. You can easily configure google analytics and meta tags and meta descriptions. It supports Markdown so you can easily manage your content. This theme is ready to import into Stackbit and Netlify deploy. You can also integrate this theme with headless CMS that’s why you can edit and manage your site without touching the code.

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Fajord is a Minimal design Personal Blog template. You can use this theme on multiple static platforms like HUGO,
GatsbyJS, Jekyll through stackbit Platform. This theme has 4 pages on 2 columns view home page, about page, contact page, and blog single page. At the left side of the homepage there is a navigation menu and in the end social media contact icon. The author of the theme also gives a style guide to make it easy for the user of the theme.

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Azimuth is a free sass landing page. It can be used on multiple static platforms like Hugo, Gatsby, Jekyll using
stackbit platform. This theme has a beautiful home page. In the home page hero area, there is a big banner and call to action button. It is very important for any SASS website to increase conversion. After that, there is a grid layout feature section to show your product and service core feature. End of the feature section a testimonial section and another call to action section. Testimonials are important because it helps your client to increase confidence and believe in you. This theme has also a separate feature page, and price page to present your service features elaborate and different price variation. It also has a blog page and blog single page, about page, and sign up page. Though it is a static theme so active the signup page you need to use a 3rd party solution to make it functional. Azimuth is a responsive and SEO friendly theme. You can use this theme without any hesitation to make your own SASS website.

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Hugo Cast is a Podcast oriented Theme on Hugo. It is the only Podcast website theme in the Hugo ecosystem at this time. It is a very well designed theme to build a fully functional podcast Hugo website. This theme has a very simple design home page, About Page, guest page, host page, contact, and resource page. In the header of the theme, there is a section to add your social contact. I hope you like this theme to build your own Hugo powered podcast website.

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Creative portfolio

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Hugo Conference – Free Hugo theme for event and confrence

Free Hugo theme for event and confrence

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Lime – Free Hugo Themes

Free Hugo Themes

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Hestia Pure – Creative Free Hugo Themes

Creative Free Hugo Themes

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W3 Simple

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