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Beside developing unique and finest themes using cutting edge technology we also provide customized sevices. If you think that our themes didn't meet your expectations, we can modify them as per your needs.

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Most Downloaded

We are the largest Hugo Themes Provider in the entire planet. Our hugo themes have been downloaded thousand times around the globe by our clients to create exclusive website for their business.

SEO-Friendly Codes

All our themes are designed using the best practices which allows us to score good ranking in Google page load.

Large Contributor

We are serving the community with our wide variety of hugo themes for a long time and placed a reputed position in this community.

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How we work?


Understand your
business users

We communicate with our clients and collect their requirements. Through collecting the details we get a clear idea of the goal their website needs to fulfill.


Plan product

We along with the whole team sit to find the scope of the project and plan accordingly as in how many web pages and what features we will include to accomplish the goal. Even the timeline for building the project is decided at this stage.


Research, ideate
& design

Our designer creates a sitemap according to the requirements of our client and shows it to them. If the client approves the sitemap then our developer starts building it with clean and efficient code.


Client Review Wise
Design Change

After building the whole website we seek review from our client. If the client is not satisfied with any part of the website we do modify that part as per their requirements since we give high priority to our client satisfaction.

Project Pricing Plan

Theme Tweaks

Started using our theme but don't have an expert team to add a personal touch to our themes? Don't worry, our web developers team are here to meet your expectations as per your needs. We will assist you in the customization process such as minordesign adjustments, reordering layout pieces, changing something in your templates, or simply adding the unique feature to your website.

  • This offer includes small tasks such as:
  • Setting up a new post type
  • Adding small functionalities(like adding a custom taxonomy to your blog posts and layouts)
  • Change the theme style to appear more in line with your brand
  • and more ...

Please keep in mind that a theme tweak is a job that can be completed in within an hour. If we find the tweak will take longer than that, we will contact you with an offer that will satisfy you.

Please contact us with more information about the tweak you wish to implement.

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Custom Theme Development

If our themes didn't fulfill your expectations and you want to implement your own design and add new features, we can help you with that. You can consult with our team and they will help you all the way from the conception of your idea to the launch of your new website.

  • What's included?
  • Custom and individual design based on your input, vision and CI/CD
  • Help with creating your site structure
  • Building the website based on Hugo as framework and modern web design principles
  • Optimizing the site for SEO and customer conversions
  • Help with deciding which services to use for hosting, form processing, etc.
  • Setup and configuration of the final site and integration of a CMS to manage your content
  • Launch of your new website

A medium sized website typically takes around 50 hours from design to going live. We will let you know a fixed price once an agreement is reached about the structure and content of your website.

Let's discuss your project!

Free Migration Consultancy

If you are willing to move from wordpress, webflow or other cms to Hugo but not sure how to shift to hugo? You can have a 15 minutes free phone or video consultation with one of our experts who will assess your existing website and map out a plan to move it to Hugo using one of your themes.

  • free for our 15 minutes consultation
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If you got any project in your mind and want to implement it,
we can have a discussion and think about a partnership.