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About Runtime

Runtime Recruitment is a staffing and recruiting company. The company has been in business for 12 years. However, the company's website is in need of a redesign. The current website was outdated and didn't reflect the company's branding.

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The Goal

Our team was approached by Runtime Recruitment who wanted a complete redesign of their website. The client was unhappy with the current design and felt that it did not accurately reflect their brand. They also felt that the website was not user-friendly and was difficult to navigate.

The goal of the redesign is to improve the overall design of the website and to increase the conversion rate.

The challenge

The biggest challenge was designing a website that would be both eye-catching and user-friendly, while also being easy to update and maintain.

The solution

After meeting with the client and understanding their needs, our team set to work on creating a new website design that would better reflect the client’s brand and be more user-friendly. We began by creating a new color scheme and overall look for the website. We then redesigned the layout of the website, making it easier to navigate and more user-friendly. Finally, we added new content and updated the existing content to better reflect the client’s brand.

The client was extremely happy with the final website and felt that the new website accurately reflected their brand and was much easier to use.

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Overall a good experience with a good result for all parties. I would highly recommend Gethugothemes to anyone looking to get Hugo website built well and quickly. These guys went the extra mile for me and I truly appreciate it.




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